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Brentley-Edwards Education provides unparalleled private tutors for children and adults from the age of 5 upwards. Our whole support team and our private tutors thrive on three basic principles which we call our three E's: Enthusiasm, Enjoyment, and Excellence and we work hard to provide the best private tutors in London and online tutors worldwide with specialist 11+ tutors, 13+ tutors, GCSE tutors and A-Level tutors in all subjects. If you are looking for private exam tutors or private children's tutors: you have come to the right place!

Enthusiasm- All our professional private tutors are not only trained to a high level and have a high degree of enthusiasm about their subjects but also carry with them a consummate enthusiasm for learning which they naturally pass on to their students. Being enthusiastic about learning is the first stage towards brilliance and our private tutors for children and adults and our support team foster this in all lessons, all the time. 

Enjoyment- Learning is fun! No matter what private tutoring or what exam tutoring is taking place, whether it be 11+ tutoring, GCSE tutoring or A-Level tutoring, the enjoyment of learning new skills and knowledge should always be present. Through our focus on the individual, our private tutors for children and adults provide private lessons in which the student achieves their maximum potential whilst enjoying the time they are learning; often not even realising the progress they have made! Through our evolution over the past few years, we have ensured that our home tutoring in London and online tutoring upholds this key value. 

Excellence- Our third principle is excellence. In our private tutoring for children, all of our students continually achieve the best results in their 11+ exams, 7+ exams, 13+ exams and GCSE and A-Level exams, often surpassing their initial expectations. Working with the specific needs of the student, our private tutors for children and adults and our support team continually track the students’ progress and working methods in order to refine and customise private tutoring sessions to ensure they reach their maximum potential. We specalise in 7+ exam tutors, 11+ exam tutors and 13+ exam tutors, with past and current students of Brentley-Edwards Education gaining places at London's top independent schools including: Harrow, Kings College, Hampton, Dulwich College, City of London, St Paul's and St Paul's Girls, Mill Hill, Bute House and Latymer to name but a few. In addition, our private tutoring students constantly surpass expectations in GCSE exams, A-Level exams, Baccalaureate and many others.   

(The private tutor) is extremely well prepared and my sons are finding the sessions with him very useful. He has been tutoring my sons for over two years now and prepared my eldest boy for his 13+ exam at Dulwich College which he passed with flying colours.”  –Parent

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