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Private Tutoring for the 11+ Exams

Brentley-Edwards Education has years of experience working with the crucial 11+ entrance exams in London and throughout the UK. We have a team of  professional private tutors in London and private tutors online who specialise  in the 11+ entrance exams and an 11+ entrance exam support team. Current and previous 11+ exam students of Brentley-Edwards Education have gained places at some of the UK's Top Independent Schools and Top Grammar Schools. 

The 11+ Exam

The 11+ entrance exam is normally a series of assessments required for entry into senior school (first year or year 7) required by a large number of independent schools and all state grammar schools in the UK. 

We want to make your journey through the 11+ entrance exams as stress-free as possible and guide 11+ students and parents from the early stages of 11+ exam preparation; through to selecting schools to apply for; right up to the interview stage and finally choosing the right school from the offers you have received.  

It can seem like a huge undertaking and one that will affect your child's future immensely so we are here to offer support throughout the whole 11+ exam process. Our 11+ exam tutors and 11+ exam support team have had years of experience and will offer the most up-to-date information, advice and expertise to give you peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands. 

We can give more detailed information about specific schools requiring an 11+ entrance exam during a complimentary consultation but, in general,  the 11+ exam period tends to run between November – February when your child is in year 6. Typically, the 11+ entrance exam tests children in reading comprehension, creative writing, mathematics, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Some schools will ask students to sit the ISEB or CEM exam for the first round and then invite successful students back for a school-specific 11+ entrance exam. 

Our Approach to the 11+ Exam

We understand that choosing the right senior school for your child is a huge decision, particularly when there is such a wide variety of different schools out there. Single-sex or co-ed? Highly academic or mid-range? Great sports facilities or a focus on the arts? These, any many more, are just some of the questions which may be going through your mind when thinking about choosing a senior school for your child and the 11+ entrance exams. We are here to help and our informative, supportive and candid approach have led many families to rely on our 11+ exam tutors and 11+ exam support team to make their 11+ journey much more fluid and efficient

We believe that it is important to give your child enough time to get to grips with the 11+ exam so that our 11+ exam tutors can help target any weaker areas and hone in on them, thus seamlessly giving your child the skills and expertise needed for success. Our 11+ exam tutors ensure all lessons are informative, interesting and relaxed as we believe this is how a child learns best. That being said, we have high expectations and an emphasis on excellence is always fostered.  

We believe in creating lessons where students are not only preparing for an 11+ entrance exam but are learning life-long skills that will equip them for senior school and beyond. Our private 11+ tutors in London and private 11+ tutors online can work on one area of the 11+ entrance exams (for example, reading comprehension or mathematics) or work more broadly, covering all the requirements for success at 11+. 


Building confidence and making lessons engaging and fun are also at the core of what all our 11+ private tutors do and sit in line with our 3 E principles (enthusiasm, enjoyment and excellence).

If your child is successful in their 11+ entrance exams, they are normally invited for an interview session at the school. This can take the form of group activities with other students; taster lessons; a group interview and/or a one-on-one interview with a member of staff . This is an opportunity for the school to learn more about your child; see how they work in a group situation; observe how they face problem solving and get an insight into how they reason. This can seem nerve-wracking but is, in fact, a fantastic opportunity for your child to shine and our expert 11+ entrance exam private tutors can help guide you through this.


Our Results at 11+Exam Entry

   ✔️  94% of Brentley-Edwards Education 11+ exam students have been offered places at their first, second or third choice schools (as of March 2023).

 ✔️  For entry in September 2023 (as of March 2023), Brentley-Edwards Education 11+ students have been offered places at St Paul's Boys' School, Godolphin & Latymer, Latymer Upper, South Hampstead High School, City of London School, Mill Hill Beaumont, St Paul's Girls' School, Channing School, Highgate School, Dulwich College, Royal Grammar School Newcastle and many more. 


What 11+ Exam Parents Say

"I am so pleased with the work that Luke has done with my daughter! We started with him when she was in year 5 and he fully prepared her for  her 11+ exams , building her confidence in answering comprehension questions and  helping her with her creative writing. She ended up getting 3 offers!"  Parent, Hampstead - London

"We have been taking English and 11+ English preparation lessons with BEE since 2020 on a weekly basis. Marcus is an experienced and friendly private tutor who is able to give you genuine guidance on areas that your child needs improvement. We recently received the offer from our preferred school for the 11+ entrance. Without Marcus’ help this would certainly not be going to happen." Parent, Beijing - China


11+ Entrance Exam Schools

Below is some information on a selection of the leading independent and grammar school who require an 11+ entrance exam along with some sample papers. Brentley-Edwards Education have experience of working with all these schools and can provide more detailed information and advice during a complimentary consultation. Although it can be tempting to go straight to asking your child to repeat practice papers for the 11+ entrance exams, we advise that you use these as a guide or to go over with a private tutor.   

 11+ Entrance Exam Schools

Westminster School is a boys school in Central London comprising of Westminster Under (ages 7 - 12) and The Great School (ages 13 - 16). 

Boys can apply for 11+ entry or 13+ entry but not both. 

* Applications for 11+ entry should be made by October (when your child is in year 6). They will take the ISEB in December of that year.

* Successful boys are invited back for written tests the following January. 

St Paul's Girls' School (SPGS) is a highly academic day school for girls in West London. 

* Applications should be made by November (when your child is in year 6) and first round computerised  tests (in cognitive ability, reasoning and mathematics) also take place in November.

*  Successful candidates are invited back for written examinations in English and mathematics in January and interviews normally also take place in January. 

City of London School is a boys school in The City of London with a high academic reputation. It accepts roughly 60 boys at 11+ entry. 

* Applications for 11+ entry to City of London School should be made by November when your child is in year 6. 

*  11+ entrance exams for City of London School take place in December and interviews are the following January. 

City of London School for Girls is an independent day school for girls aged 11-18 in the heart of the Barbican, London. 

It prides itself on being a historic and academically strong school in a central location with a modern, diverse and unstuffy atmosphere. 

* Applications open during the summer (between year 5 and 6) with first 11+ assessments taking place in November. 

* Second assessments and interviews typically take place in January 

St Paul's Boy's School is a boys school in West London. Boys who enter at the 11+ entry point spend 2 years at St Paul's Juniors and then transfer to St Paul's.

Boys can apply for 11+ entry (year 7) or 13+ entry (year 9) but not both. 

* Applications for St Paul's Boys' School start in September when your child is in year 6. 

* 11+ entrance exams for St Paul's Boys' School are sat in January of the year of entry into year 7. 

Latymer Upper School is co-educational senior day school in West London. As well as being highly academic, Latymer Upper places a strong emphasis on sports and music. 

* Applications should be made by the end of October (when your child is in year 6). 

*  Latymer Upper School set their own papers in English and Mathematics which normally takes place in December and successful candidates will be invited back for an interview in January.  

Highgate Senior School is a co-educational day school in North London.

* Applications for Highgate Senior School should be made by the end of October (when your child is in year 6). Highgate School accepts roughly 90 children into year 7 at the 11+ entry point. 

* 11+ entrance exams for Highgate Senior School normally take place in early December with interviews and activity days being held the following January. 

The London 11+ Consortium is a group of girls' schools in North, Central and West London which work to the same 11+ application and 11+ exam system. 

As of January 2023, The London 11+ Consortium Schools are: Channing School, Francis Holland School (Regent's Park), Francis Holland School (Sloane Square), Godolphin and LatymerMore House School, Northwood College for Girls, Notting Hill and Ealing High School, Queen's College London,  South Hampstead High School, St Augustine's Priory, St. James Senior Girl's School, St Margaret's School, Queen's Gate School, St Helen's School London. 

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