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Hello! I'm Marcus Brentley

Founder of Brentley-Edwards Education

with 12+ years of Professional Experience

I founded Brentley-Edwards Education back in 2018 as I felt that there was a need for high quality personal tutoring in London that also made learning fun, engaging yet with a strong emphasis on excellence and results.

I have been a private tutor in London for over 12 years and have helped many children gain places at some of the world’s top independent schools including Harrow, Westminster, UCS and Kings College. 

What always makes my private tutoring in London and online so successful is my ability to engage with my students, make them laugh, make them enjoy the tutoring sessions and subsequently enable them to grow in confidence and achieve high success in their 7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-Level and other exams.


When I saw that this approach to private tutoring was so effective, I gained a reputation for excellence which I wanted to pass on to other tutors and grow a team of private tutors who uphold these values and achieve excellence through the Brentley-Edwards Education approach.

Since then, we have grown to a team of some of the best private tutors in London and online yet still retain that personal, student-centered and bespoke quality that private tutoring needs. All our private tutors in London and online strive for excellence and achieve results through a way that makes the student feel empowered, confident and happy which is the way I believe that all education should be.

Brentley-Edwards Education is a boutique provider of private tutors for children and adults to individuals and families in London and throughout the world in online tutoring. We pride ourselves on our personalised approach and our ability to match the best private tutor with each student, ensuring the student reaches their maximum potential. We thrive on three basic principles which we call our three E’s: Enthusiasm, Enjoyment and Excellence and foster this in all the private tutoring that we do. 

We have a reputation for excellence, providing the best private tutoring for children and adults, particularly with our 11+ exam tutors, 7+ exam tutors and 13+ exam tutors for UK Independent and grammar schools and provide consultation and support services from applications right through to final interviews. 

Our founders, private tutors and support team all have extensive experience in education and private tutoring and have proved their excellence time and time again. We uphold a candid and open approach to the way we run our business, recruit and vet our private tutors for children and adults, and welcome any questions or comments that you may have. 


“(The private tutor) is extremely well prepared and my sons are finding the sessions with him very useful. He has been private tutoring my sons for over two years now and prepared my eldest boy for his 13+ exam at Dulwich College which he passed with flying colours.” –Parent, Southwark 

“We are proud of the hard work that (the private tutor) puts in. He helps build the confidence of my son and makes him feel more motivated and encouraged to exceed the general expected level of progress for his age” -Parent, Southwark

“(The private tutor) is such an amazing private English tutor…He prepares an individual teaching plan for each lesson and always asks for feedback suggestions from me” -Parent, Chelsea

“My children feel the lesson is very helpful for them. They all made great progress on both writing and reading. (The private tutor) is very kind and does great work.” -Parent, Finchley

“(The private tutor) is fantastic and very professional. I highly recommend him. He is very good with kids and is always prepared for the lesson.” -Parent, Southwark

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